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S.I.B. Burgundy Tiles, Fleming range, Swimmingpool copings, Quadrix sinks and basins, Customized works, Stone Carving, Wine Cellar, Fountains, Wallcladding & Rubble Stone, Mosaics

SIB is one of  the oldest stone processing factories in Bourgogne (France).

We extract in our own quarries:

  •     Bois Doré (Nod)
  •     Montmoyen
  •     Savoisy

All the quarries are based within 60 kms around the plant.

In 2002 Eberhart Stone Group (based in Woustviller, France) bought SIB and invested in a powerful and flexible production equipment. That is why SIB is competitive in various products: tumbled tiles, sandblasted, brushed or honed tiles, pavings, stairs, skirts, custom made and standard.

The range of stones has been explanded to propose different shades of beige but also grey. To get this wide palette of colors, SIB buy blocks from the quarries in our neightbourhood and abroad. Then our teams work to find the best finish for each stone according their hardness and color.

SIB also benefits from the force and the experiment of the Eberhart Head Office in order to spread a wide range of importation stones such as: slates, basalts, marbles, granites, quartzites, etc...

Our plant gives a second life to the stone production wastes by transforming its into pavement and wall cladding. Both are usually made up with a mix of different stones of Burgundy. 

Thanks to the tie between SIB and Eberhart Stone Group, we are aslo able to propose blackslates, quartzites, granits and ceramics which are available as tiles, copings and custom made.

Currently, 20 people are extracting, cutting, polishing and tumbling the stones in the tradition of the Industry and the Craft  of the French Stone !












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