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Bois doré

Bois doré; Bois doré Brushed, Bois doré Honed, Bois doré Montréal

SIB Pierres de Bourgogne is specialised in te production of limestone tiles, which are distributed in France and abroad.

The quarries and the plant are located in Burgundy.

The factory has two production lines:

- a line for the tiles in honed, brushed or New Medieval finish,

- an other line for antic style with a tumbled finish.

Our team is constantly working to find the appropriate finish for each stone.

Our tiles are available in very different sizes as opus patterns, free lengths, rectangles, squares or octogons.

Currently our range of stones is made up with different shades of beige and greys for traditionnal and  modern buildings.


Plage immergée Bois doré St Roch
Bois doré en façade

Fourniture de dalles pour façade en Bois doré pour l'extension d'un building à Londres

Bourgogogne mix, finitions mix

Dallage composé avec différentes pierres extraites en Bourgogne

Mélange de finition dont quelques dalles bouchardées avec des bords ciselées à la main.

Baigneux Bois doré mix St Roch, dallage en bandes
Bourgogne doré mix St Roch
Bois doré adouci
Bois doré
Bois doré adouci



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